Story Time

Is the idea of a film enthralling to you? And by film, I don’t mean just a series of pictures put one after the other (though that in itself is quite curious, human mind makes it so). No, I am talking of something much more conceptual. Film as a concept. A film as a concept here being, something that makes you laugh, cry, feel fear, maybe even nostalgia but is that all a film has to be, can’t it as a concept resonate with much more of what makes a human’s being. Our dreams, the unknowns, the undelved, the repressed, the subconscious also stand as concepts waiting to be explored and no not as cliché tropes and ‘used to a rug’ stereotypes but as complete proof of concepts.




18-year-old Isaiah is home from college and this time for good. If there were problems with his academics, they have now been doubled by his parents troubled marriage, and another mystery reason he hasn’t finished college?

Written and directed by: Pratik Rai.